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Many people just want to put up an honest small business presence web site to try and help make an honest living and are not interested in the kinds of scams and games frequently found on many "free site" domains or site host. This is our specialty and this is where we say it just makes good Old Fashioned American Horse Sense to strongly consider creating a web site for your own small business needs!

So Why Are We Different Here at the

Welcome to probably the most unusual FREE Internet Domain Name program you have ever seen! We are not going to pretend we are the largest domain registrar as many frequently claim or even that we are the most robust or feature packed, yada, yada, yada. What we will share with you is we have tried to put together a program to administer FREE Domain Names bundled with most affordable high speed internet hosting that just makes good sense in what almost seems like a senseless World sometimes. As indicated we designed this as a way to offer quality unique names instead of having to put up with typo misspelled looking names as we frequently see all too often or just something really long or even just something which is just plain dumb in a name because you could not find anything better.

Other Web Host Or Domain Issuers Will Attempt To Dazzle You With Features And Technology With No Mention Of, Will It Make Money For You?

We are just talking good horse sense here in our experience where your National Domain Center was built from the ground up to tackle real-life business online visibility issues to allow your site to be at the forefront online regardless if you are in the Largest City or on The Smallest Farm! We have a strong understanding, foundation and proven experience for the online needs of either type of operator and our experience probably comes from a business practical side rather than the technical guru side. Of course we have plenty of those on staff and are always looking for a few more too!  

We have really put quite a bit into our own FREE Domain Name program and we hope it really shows itself to you in our site. It seems to us that many Top Level Domain or Sub Domain registrars are coming under fire and even being blacklisted by major search engines over spreading viruses, malware or at least the target of major media organizations over what amounts to harboring shadowy figures under their free sites and the problems in which they create. It is also a known fact that most of these problem web sites hosted on free domains or servers do not reside in the United States, but rather far away or obscure places where they operate in secrecy and wreck havoc with impunity.

So what's so different about our free domain name program versus these problem sites? Well for starters, you must reside in or have a US presence to participate in our FREE Domain Name Program and this fact alone probably knocks out 90% of the problems in itself. Our next major point is we designed this as a real program, with real American solutions to help real American people.

When you set up your own domain with us, we are not going to run you through an automated bot program to set you up. We actually arrange a personalized consultation with you to discuss your domain and hosting needs where we will have one of our well qualified domain service representatives personally evaluate your web site needs and custom design an online presence solution to allow you to build a site that will best serve your own site presence needs regardless if this is a personal or business site solution.

This is another safety measure for your and everyone's protection. If you are trying to do something great, consider us as your best friend as we will personally offer our time to work with you one-on-one to help actually launch your site online and be seen. Again our FREE Domain names also include FREE Automated site promotion to not only bring you online, but to make you visible to the World. 

If you are experienced in web design and you already have a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization principles, we will have you up and running where you may quickly work your own magic and be recognized with your new web site. If you are not experienced in this area. You will probably find the support available with your FREE Domain Name and low cost hosting account to be some of the best available anywhere in the World at any price. 

The best part is this is all included with our hosting which is designed to be one of the lowest cost professional hosting packages with the most features at previously unheard of price levels. You can rest assured that your monthly cost on our hosting service will come in less than you pay for a typical value meal in a major fast food restaurant and the best part is this is all going to support a professional service that can be income producing to your wallet rather than putting fat on your mid section!

We are not boasting our high number of accounts or out to make you believe we are the largest domain registrar or anything of this nature. This was designed as a solution that helped a few New Yorkers stand out in the big City noise and we have shared it with quite a few rural farmers who found it to most helpful too in showcasing their farms or crops! If you are one of these types of users or you may fall anywhere in between, We may just have a really great solution waiting for you!

We appreciate your visit to your National Domain Center and hope you have enjoyed your visit to our site, Please bookmark our site so you may find it later for easy return for your your complete Domain Name Service Presence Needs.

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