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Our automated domain signup is currently down, but don't sweat it as we can still quite easily set up your account! Our program is brand new and we don't have everything worked out with our fully automated domain setup. In the meantime, we are more than happy to work with you personally to select just the domain you need to get you started with a memorable and patriotic domain name which is completely FREE with your low cost cPanel Paid hosting account. We offer personalized service and you will always be able to get real live customer support from real people rather than autobots as found on many hosting or domain sites!

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The basic requirements to receiving the Uniquely American & Patriotic Domain are

  • The registrant of the domain name must be a resident, citizen, US Business, LLC or corporation of the United States of America, or the domain name is registered for an organization based in the United States of America, or having an office or facility therein regardless if the the domain name being registered is utilized for Business use (Profit/Non-profit), Personal use, etc as any of these are acceptable.

  • An entity or organization (including federal, state, or local government of the United States, or a political subdivision thereof) that has a bona fide presence in the United States.

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